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Robert-bioAbove Roofing started with a dedicated man who had a big idea. In 1995 Robert Freeman was a single parent trying to make ends meet while raising his young children. He had a passion to help others and used his knowledge and skills to start his own company doing home repair services. There were always homes needing roof work, and it quickly became his most popular service. It didn’t take long for him to realize that many homeowners were being taken advantage of by other roofing contractors.

Some were pressured by dishonest salesmen selling the homeowners things they didn’t need or promising one thing but delivering another. Other homeowners hired guys who were nice but incompetent contractors, overlooking important aspects of the job just to keep the price down to win the bid. This often ended up causing costly leaks, mold and warranty issues. Another concern was with the people who were actually doing the work. While the sales person looked professional and seemed trustworthy, the guys that showed up to work on the roof looked like “pirate crews” with foul language and demeanors to match. These were guys he wouldn’t want on his home or around his children! With each case Robert came across, he discovered a common denominator: a homeowner who was not given the information they needed to choose the right contractor.

His heart went out to them. He knew he wanted to be a roofer that was different than the “rest of the pack.” He strived to go above the image of a normal roofing company – hence the name Above Roofing – by providing homeowners an honest, quality service at the right price, and it worked! Robert used a picture of his black lab to help represent the company because she was loyal, friendly and trustworthy- exactly what he wanted Above Roofing to be. It didn’t take long for word to spread about this new company. Customer referrals became a huge part of growing the business, and it hasn’t stopped since!

According to Robert, “Homeowners don’t have to settle for poor workmanship or high pressure sales techniques. We believe homeowners can be confident in making an informed decision when hiring a contractor if they are equipped with the right information. Our job is to give them that information.”

Above Roofing has grown from a struggling young father with an entrepreneurial spirit to an award winning, thriving business supported by a great team of office personnel, estimators and roofing technicians who all share the same core beliefs on which the company was built.


We care.

Homeowners trust us because the care we have for our work and our customers shows in everything we do. We’re a family-owned and operated business based in Grand Rapids on honesty and integrity. Since 1996, we’ve roofed well over a thousand satisfied customers, many of whom have passed our name on to their friends and family. We thrive on referrals, and we earn our referrals from trust.


We’re trustworthy.

We’ve been in business for 20 years serving the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. You can trust that we’ll stand behind our work- we’ve got the track record to prove it! Rest assured that only trustworthy, top-notch technicians will be working on your home and around your family.


We go above and beyond.

We are one of few companies in Grand Rapids offering a complete customer roof system tailored specifically to your home. This goes beyond the shingles and roof deck. We’re experts in insulation, ventilation, skylights, gutters, and gutter protector, and we ensure they all work together to give you the best, longest-lasting roof system for your home.

We proudly hold the Select Shingle Roofer designation earned by only 1% of roofing contractors nationwide. This means a professionally trained Master Shingle Applicator is on every roof to ensure the job is done right the first time, every time. We’re so confident in our workmanship, we offer an exclusive lifetime workmanship warranty.

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