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Repair or Replace? Here’s How to Decide

If you’ve noticed problems with your rooftop lately, it may not be clear whether you should repair it or completely replace it. Luckily there are a few key indicators that show it’s time for a brand new roof. When to Repair When roof damage is minimal, you may need to repair or replace a small …

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Beyond the Shingles – Why A Full Roofing System Matters

A brand-new roof is a big investment. Let’s look at how building a full roofing system is much more than just the replacement of a few shingles. There are several layers that go into building a sturdy and effective rooftop for your home. The first step in the process is building a solid frame to …

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How Long Will My Roof Last?

What are the signs I need a roof replacement? One set of roof replacement questions Above Roofing customer service reps hear is similar to this: How many years should a roof last? How do I tell when it’s time to replace roofing? What are the first parts of a roof to “go bad” and start …

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