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Why Malarkey?

A more durable and eco-friendly roofing solution.

Malarkey shingles are recognized as one of the industry’s leading asphalt roofing shingle in durability, performance, and sustainability. 

Built to do more.

Malarkey is at the forefront of shingle durability and sustainability. It is hands down the highest performing and most sustainable shingle on the market. 

Up to 50% more adhesion bonds and twice the rain seal of standard shingles.

Up to 35% greater tear strength and 65% greater granule adhesion than the industry standard.

  • Upcycling of plastic and rubber diverted from landfills.
  • 3M Smog-reducing granules designed to fight air pollution.

Underwriters Laboratories impacted rated.

Malarkey Roof System

Together, the components of the roofing system assure homeowners that their choice, is a Secure Choice™.

Quality Impact Test

A visual demonstration revealing the remarkable impact resistance of Malarkey’s SBS asphalt shingle.

Sustainability Effect - Per Roof

Rubber Tires

Each roof diverts the equivalent of approximately five tires from landfills.

Plastic Bags

Each roof diverts the equivalent of approximately 3,200 plastic bags from landfills.

Planted Trees

Each roof fights emission air pollution like planting approximately two trees.

Data is based on a residential roof of approximately 30 squares or 3,000 square feet.

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Above Roofing's Malarkey Certifications

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