Common Roof Problems and How We Fix Them

When roofing issues begin to appear, sometimes it’s hard to identify the problem. Here are some of the most common roof problems and how they can be dealt with. Leaks and Ponding Water Dealing with a leaky roof is never fun, unfortunately, this is the most...

Repair or Replace? Here’s How to Decide

If you’ve noticed problems with your rooftop lately, it may not be clear whether you should repair it or completely replace it. Luckily there are a few key indicators that show it’s time for a brand new roof. When to Repair When roof damage is minimal, you...

Beyond the Shingles – Why A Full Roofing System Matters

A brand-new roof is a big investment. Let’s look at how building a full roofing system is much more than just the replacement of a few shingles. There are several layers that go into building a sturdy and effective rooftop for your home. The first step in...

Who Can You Trust To Do Good Work?

As noted in other blogs, Above Roofing and Exteriors walks many roofs and evaluates the life and health of hundreds of roofs in the Grand Rapids area. We see many avoidable problems by whichever West Michigan roofers put the roof on the house that is now experiencing leakage or other deterioration of the house.

Why Is My Roof Leaking?

Many roofs we see that are having problems don’t need replacement yet; much-less-costly repairs often stop a leaking roof and put the roof in good shape for years to come.

How Long Will My Roof Last?

What are the signs I need a roof replacement? One set of roof replacement questions Above Roofing customer service reps hear is similar to this: How many years should a roof last? How do I tell when it’s time to replace roofing? What are the first parts of a roof to...

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Tom B.
We have had an excellent experience with this company! From day one until finished, they were professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Phil did the estimate and kept us informed through the entire process. Great crew and overall great work.
Joanne B.
We were very grateful for the repair work they completed. It was also reassuring to be able to schedule the work, start it on time, and when the workers found additional problems, address them right away.
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Above Roofing does great quality of work, provided excellent customer service, and their pricing was competitive. Will definitely be my go-to for the future.
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Vici H.
Roofer was very professional and did a good repair. Price was fair.
Ken O.
They replaced my skylights after I learned their top factory rating by Velux skylight lights. Their work was organized, clean, polite. After over a month of many rains I have not one drop of leaking. The work was superb.
Katherine C.
Above Roofing responds quickly to handle our roofing needs and does things right the first time with no need for call backs.
Mike S.