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Is It Time To Replace Your Gutters? 7 Signs You Can’t Ignore

new gutters on a home

Are you concerned that it might be time to get new gutters for your house? Are you curious to find out whether your gutters are on the decline or not? If so, then you might want to inspect them for yourself.

Many people think it takes a roofing expert to inspect your gutters and see if they need replacing, but you can inspect them yourself. In fact, there are several signs you can self-diagnose to see whether it’s time to replace your gutters.

See below for more details on the signs that it’s time for new gutters in your home.

1. Visible Cracking

Leaks are an obvious sign it’s time to replace your gutters, but it can be hard for the untrained eye to notice leaks when it’s pouring down rain.

What’s not hard to notice is when your gutters are starting to crack. Once a crack or two appear on your gutters, the entire system becomes virtually useless.

The point of the gutter system is to direct a heavy amount of water safely away from your home so that it won’t affect the foundation. But if the water is seeping through the cracks, then it isn’t being redirected. It’s being poured onto one specific spot.

Some small cracks can be patched up and repaired, but ones that wrap around the entirety of a gutter are a sign that they need to be replaced. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a trusted roofing expert if you can see cracks.

2. Rust

Just when you thought a crack in the gutters was bad… rust and corrosion in your system might be even worse. It’s a diagnosis that your current gutters are aging. Once the rust starts, it’s practically impossible to stop.

The rust is a sign that:

  1. Your gutter’s protective coating has worn through
  2. The gutters are nearing the end of their life.

The rust is only going to continue to get worse, which means your leaking problem will worsen as well. The only way to stop the rust and prevent it from harming your home’s foundation is to replace the gutters. Take a preventative approach and look into replacing them before any significant damage is done.

3. Peeling Paint

As previously mentioned, the coating around your gutters is made to withstand a tremendous amount of wear and tear. They’re prepared to take on season after season of temperature changes, huge amounts of rain, blistering winds, and snow and ice.

However, they aren’t made to last forever. As they age, they begin to show signs that they need to be replaced. If you’ve noticed the paint is peeling off, then it’s a sign that it’s time to look into new gutters.

Much like the rust, peeling paint is a sign that the protective coating in your gutters is worn out, thus leaving the metal to fend for itself until you get new gutters installed.

4. Bending or Leaning

Sometimes the amount of debris that’s gathered in gutters has put a significant amount of strain on the entire system. Since most homeowners don’t take the time to clean out their gutters, the weight just continues to pile up.

Eventually, this leads to your gutters looking as if they could pop off at any moment. If your gutters look like they’re being pulled down by heavy weight, they need to be cleaned out and repaired. Depending on how bad they are, they might be beyond fixing.

If you don’t replace the gutters, they’ll continue to lean and pour water over the sides when they get too full. Even worse, you might walk out of your house one day to find that the entire gutter system has collapsed.

5. Mildew Around Your Home

Sometimes the most noticeable signs that your system is failing aren’t found on the gutters themselves. You might start to notice mildew growing around the foundation of your home on on your screens and windows.

Not only is mildew and mold dangerous to the foundation of your home, but it’s also a significant threat to your health.

If you notice it starting to form around your home or on the foundation, you should take action. Start by scheduling a roof inspection as soon as possible, then try to remove the mildew and mold from your home.

6. Puddles of Water Around Your Home

Have you noticed a large puddle of water along the side of your house that wasn’t there before? Are their signs of significant water sloping down your property after each storm?

If so, then it’s a sign the gutters are either too clogged to properly function or the gutters have a significant crack in them.

Start by climbing up to the gutters to have a look. If there doesn’t seem to be significant clogging, then take it as a sign that your gutters are compromised and need to be replaced.

7. Water Marks Under the Gutters

Sometimes the cracks in your gutters can be extremely small and hard to spot. They might be located on the side closest to the house, making it hard to notice them.

However, one glaring sign that there are cracks on that side is water marks that run along the side of your home.

If you see water marks, then you need to have the gutters replaced right away. Constant water running down your home will lead to mildew growth as well as many other issues.

Have Your New Gutters Installed Today

Now that you’ve seen several signs that you need new gutters, it’s time to schedule to have them replaced.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the telltale signs of a damaged roof and how to know when it’s time to get the roof replaced.

For further assistance, be sure to schedule your free roof inspection and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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