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Beyond the Shingles – Why A Full Roofing System Matters

Roof with skylights

A brand-new roof is a big investment. Let’s look at how building a full roofing system is much more than just the replacement of a few shingles.

There are several layers that go into building a sturdy and effective rooftop for your home. The first step in the process is building a solid frame to support the weight of your new roof. Once the frame is built, insulation will be added which helps hold in rising heat.

The builders will then create a ventilation system to prevent moisture from damaging the new framing. Afterward, a sturdy roof deck will be laid that is made from sheets of plywood, along with a water shield placed directly on top. Fiberglass paper, otherwise known as an underlayment, is then added to ensure that no water can pass through.

Next, shingle starter strips are laid down to protect against wind damage. After you’ve decided which style and material you prefer, the shingles are carefully placed to complete your new rooftop. Additionally, ridge vents and flashings may be added to help with heat flow and to prevent water damage.

When you invest time and money into a new roofing system, it’s important to know what to expect throughout the entire process. As you can see, it takes several steps to build an effective roof that will protect your home for years to come.

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