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Storm Solutions – What to Do When Nature Strikes

House with missing shingles after weather damage

Nature is unavoidable, and storms can cause major damage when it comes to your rooftop. Knowing what to do when nature strikes is helpful when protecting your roof from storm damage, but more importantly, protecting the people beneath it.


Although storms can’t be avoided, you can take proactive steps to prevent water damage by being prepared when bad weather is forecasted. To ensure good drainage outside of your home, you can always clean your gutters, test your sump pump, and direct downspouts to face away from your house.

Find the Source

Unfortunately, precautionary measures aren’t always enough to prevent rooftop leaking. If you do notice a leak during a storm, you should first find the source. There are a few common places where roofs tend to leak which include: ceiling corners, skylights, headwall and wall step flashings, vent hoods and pipes, and chimneys. Leaks can also be caused by melting ice dams and broken or missing shingles.

Take Initiative

If you’re able to find the source, there are a couple things you can do while you wait out the storm. For a temporary repair, you can use roofing cement or roofing tape inside or outside of the roof to block incoming water. Another option is to drape a large tarp across the roof where the leak is coming in until help arrives. Remember to follow-up with a professional to find a permanent solution to your leak.

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