Are Holes In Your House Leaking Heat?

Even with a good moisture barrier in place, recessed lights and whole-house fans create holes in the vapor barrier that need special attention.

Does Your House Shiver and Sweat?

Insulation comes in many forms. Ideally there is a vapor barrier between the house and insulation to minimize moisture entering the attic from the house.

Keeping Your Home Protected

Enough insulation in the attic also keeps your home cooler in the summer by keeping heat on the roof, and warmer in the winter by helping to prevent ice dams.

Your Attic Needs to Breathe – Part 4

There are a number of ways for your attic to exhale. Pot vents are made to go near the peak, but we see many mounted down-roof, which creates problems.

Your Attic Needs to Breathe – Part 3

Your attic needs a way to get fresh air in and the hot, moist air out. This is true in both summer and winter. Soffit vents are the most common way for the air to enter.

Your Attic Needs to Breathe – Part 2

Mold growth, ice dams, high energy bills and deteriorating roof decking are all effects of insufficient airflow in an attic. Good ventilation flushes excess heat and moisture once it’s in the attic.

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