Potential leak causes

Above Roofing and Exteriors, unlike many roofing contractors in the West Michigan area, is fully equipped to make repairs to your roof, when appropriate, helping you get more life out of it, thus saving you money. We have a number of crews whose main work is repairing roof problems. These roofing professionals have distinct training, finely honed skills in certain areas and separate meetings from those whose focus is tearing off an old roof and putting a new one on. Many roofs we see that are having problems dont need replacement yet; much-less-costly repairs often stop the leaks and put the roof in good shape for years to come.

Deteriorated pipe boots cause leaking roofs
Water damage around a chimney chase
Poorly flashed fascia lets water into the house


Most of the other problems we see that create leaks are caused by improper roofing methods. “Flashing” is generally metal pieces that go around places where there is a transition in the roofline (like chimney, dormers, valleys, etc.), and this is an area where we see way too many mistakes. Flashing, along with ice and water shield (look for a later blog on this) must be placed under shingles and go up the wall or chimney. There are a number of mistakes made in flashed areas. A chimney or wall rising above the roof line is a prime entry point for water and need careful, appropriate attention by a roofer. This work, of course, takes much more time that simply nailing shingles onto a roof, and, therefore, it is a place that too often does not receive the attention it needs when a new roof goes on a house.

The flashing where the fascia meets the roof at the bottom of a valley is another place where many roofing mistakes are made.

We see too many cases where a homeowner has paid someone else in the Grand Rapids area to install or repair a roof and, after a little while, the workmanship fails. In fact, that is how we got into the roofing business and why we are called Above Roofing. Look for that story elsewhere. Also, look for another blog about how to evaluate a prospective roofer and how we warranty the work that we do. Another option is to have us come out and evaluate the problems you are having and ask us directly about our workmanship warranty. If you have roofing problems, we hope you consider us and give us a call.