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Sealing a Brick Chimney: The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Home

At Above Roofing, we’re not just “a different breed of roofer”— we’re your go-to experts for everything that covers and protects your home. We understand the critical role your chimney plays, both aesthetically and functionally, in keeping your home dry.   A well-maintained brick chimney doesn’t just ensure your home’s safety; it adds charm and …

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How to Remove Raccoons in Your Attic: A Quick Guide

Have you been hearing strange noises in your attic lately? Chances are, you might have some unwelcome visitors up there. Raccoons are notorious for finding their way into attics and causing all sorts of damage. Not only can they chew through wires and insulation, but they can also leave behind a mess that could lead …

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Understanding Roof Fascia: What it is and Why it’s Important for Your Home

When it comes to roofing, there are many components that work together to provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure. One such component is the roof fascia. In this section, we will delve into the basics of roof fascia, including its purpose, installation process, and potential need for replacement.

Roofing Renovations: A Guide To Reroofing Your Home

If you’re among the 73% of Michigan homeowners, reroofing your house is—or will be—on your to-do list. But how do you reroof a house in Michigan? In a climate that’s home to severe rain, thunderstorms, tornado warnings, snow, hail and heavy heat each year, Michigan roofs take a greater hit than most. While reroofing houses is smart for all homeowners, midwestern weather …

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3 Simple Tips for Cleaning a Blocked Soffit Vent

What Is a Soffit Vent and Why Is It Important? A soffit vent is an intake vent that is installed in the soffit area of your home to allow fresh air to enter the attic or crawl space. It is important because it helps regulate temperature and moisture levels, prevents condensation, and improves overall air …

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Common Roof Problems and How We Fix Them

When roofing issues begin to appear, sometimes it’s hard to identify the problem. Here are some of the most common roof problems and how they can be dealt with. Leaks and Ponding Water Dealing with a leaky roof is never fun, unfortunately, this is the most common type of roofing problem. Leaks and ponding water …

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Beyond the Shingles – Why A Full Roofing System Matters

A brand-new roof is a big investment. Let’s look at how building a full roofing system is much more than just the replacement of a few shingles. There are several layers that go into building a sturdy and effective rooftop for your home. The first step in the process is building a solid frame to …

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